Videogames that, supported on the client´s message, mix a specific visual design with the game mechanics, to deliver different insights to the gamer.

Next video shows an Advergame developed for Finagro. In this example, gamers – kids- had to make several tasks at a farm, using different tools provided by Finagro´s products, so they were inside the context of the game.

We develop Advergames for all kind of platforms: android, iOS, FaceBook, web pages and not conventional formats like mapping projection.





We develop games, presentations and applications for touch displays. Also we can become any display technology: LED, Videowall or projection on touch surfaces at required sizes.

We can see an example in the left. 







Integration of any kind of content with 4D effects (wind, snow, bubbles, essences, water, etc). Next video show a videogame with environment 4D effects. This game is also a shooter with multigamer features.







Using several kind of sensors (touch, pression, force, and different levels) we develope contents with various ways to interact. It is very interesting, as we can see in the next video, because is possible involve phisic products to interact with them.








Using different kind of sensors, we can develop and program interactive content with body movement recognition. These sensors can recognize different parts of the user body, without additional controls or accesories. 








This is an excellent example of technologies mixture we mentioned before. On next video you can see a mix of Interactive Mapping(we are projecting on volumetric objects), body recognition and robotics.








Our expertise in Augmented Realitygives us the possibility to offer AR with all kind of features, interactivity, high quality views, 3d animations, as well as visual and sound effects. First video shows how interact using distance between AR labels. Second video shows different applications, like stopping people traffic at Malls or extending the impact reached at an event using RA labels on product packaging, catalogues, etc.






We proudly offer 100% original animated or recorded content forVirtual Reality, the technology that is about to change the world. Thanks to our expertise in VR we can develop and create virtual tours for games and installations, museums,  exhibitions, corporate and education centers. The inmersive experience of VR is also enjoyable on live 360 degree recordings using a profesional grid that supports 6 synchronized 4K cameras. VR recorded, edited and animated contents are amazing and full of high impact.

Next video shows user´s sight, who can move his head to enjoy all images sorrounding him, not only front, but also at both sides, over user and behing him

Second video shows another system that we offer. Is similar to the past, but in this user can stand up from the chair and explore the volumen of images.